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A Job, And A Kick In The Balls!

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So yesterday we had a lovely evening, what better way to celebrate than go to a lovely country pub and drink cider? So off we popped and I was tipsy by 9 (lightweights ftw?) and hayfever completely destroyed me. So I ended up chatting with 2 lovely girls called Gen and Ellie, doing the daily mail crossword >.>


Also I had a job interview, and this morning received confirmation in the post I got it! :(



So good and bad, this hayfever is going to piss me off, the tablets don't seem to work quick enough/last a man sized day :D

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Millets shop floor man, basically I sell people walking stuff XD

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That's awesome ! Grats on the job :).


As for the hayfever if the medication you're on doesn't last the full day change them? :P. Embarrassing Bodies (the programme) just did a hayfever product test to find out the best one so look on their website :).

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Millets I used to go there for my scouting stuff :) Have fun ^_^

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I've just hit up the doctors, I've now got more drugs than a mexican cartel, about 100 tablets as I got them on prescription, didn't realise he'd actually given them to me so bought another 30, a nasal spray and eye drops


I'm blitzing this hayfever for exams

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