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The Graduate



Yep, that's me now. In the past two weeks I've been through a senior class trip to Disney World, the school awards ceremony, Vespers, Ivy Day, more awards, the senior banquet, an official senior comedy club night, prom, Senior Singout, graduation, and an all-night Senior Celebration. If any school in the world makes more fuss over seniors graduating, I don't know what it is and I'm glad I didn't go to it. ^_^


Since I obviously don't have the time or space to write about everything, I'm in danger of writing this entry as either a list, a failed exhaustive analysis of everything that's happened, or an off-topic rambling philosophical monologue. Instead, I'll just write about some highlights and anecdotes. Everyone's name is false, of course.


Disney was fantastic. Everything sort of blurs together, but some of the highlights were as follows:

Buying a Captain Jack Sparrow hat and a kimono, and wearing both around Epcot for the rest of the day

Dancing in my Jack Sparrow hat, kimono and poncho with the senior class during a thunderstorm as the fireworks lit up the sky over Disney

Swimming with Dean (my best friend), Tupdike (my friend the grandson of John Updike), my prom date Tina, Brett the troll, whom I've known for eleven years, etc.

Animal Kingdom rides with the Yeti, in a safari zone, and in a dinosaur dungeon with the above, plus others like my friends Val (the valedictorian) and Jacky, the class Historian who's possibly the nicest guy I know

The Rainforest Cafe and awful monkeys that would start screaming at everyone at an earsplitting pitch once every five minutes or so

Borrowing receipts from Tina to blow my nose on because I had a terrible cold and nobody had any kleenex

A stellar haunted house, appalling Brer Rabbit water ride, Space Mountain, etc. with various other friends

Eating out at a Moroccan restaurant (twice) and trolling one of my friends by getting the Moroccan waiters to serenade her with a Happy Birthday song


We were there for about four days, from Thursday through Sunday (which was an all-nighter; the plane left at dawn). Here's a nice picture from the end:




After that was a nice recuperation day, followed by an awards ceremony the next morning where I won plaques for being the best in AP Literature and Composition and Honors Physics. Then we had Vespers that night, which is something where everyone walks across the auditorium stage and gets flowers, followed by a dinner with graduation pictures and then an excursion to a comedy club. Here's a pic of Dean and me in grad robes:




Wednesday was Ivy Day, which I'm not going to talk about because it was a lame ceremony. That night we had an awards ceremony, though, and I was given a $2,500 scholarship for basically being outgoing and writing a great essay about my sombrero. I think it had something to do with being a good student, too, but I'm not sure. (Actually, I think that was Tuesday but whatever.) We also went to a banquet down in Boston, which was tedious and not especially fun. After that we received our yearbooks. Apparently I was voted Most Outgoing, which is cool.


The next day was prom. It was great, as might be expected, but not without some issues, as also might be expected. :P Tina picked me up late and then forgot something at her house, so we had to pick that up, and then I realized that I'd forgotten her corsage, so we picked that up as well. By then we were super late for pictures, so we hurried over to my friend Grace's house, took about sixty pics and hightailed it to the promenade. All chill.


Tina (she made her own dress, plus a matching bow tie for me) and I:




From left: Tina and I, my old D&D buddy (going to a tech school and joining rowing crew, because he's 6'5") and his girlfriend, Dean's fourth (?) ex, who entered college a year early and decided to go to prom with him now that she's out, Dean, Grace (my friend from the school magazine), and her boyfriend.




The prom was fun, obviously, with the main downer being actually dancing with Tina. Both of us are much better at dancing solo than we are dancing with someone else, so the couple times we actually danced together were a little bit... weak. I wish I knew how to grind, but that might have actually been worse, since we're not really together. I also threw up twice during the prom, because I dance extremely vigorously and I ate a big dinner (always a bad idea). The first time, it was all right enough, but the second time I started gagging while dancing with Tina for the third time, and obviously that was... less than ideal. So yeah, prom wasn't exactly perfect.


I drove down for breakfast at Dean's house at 2:30 in the morning and shared some bacon and fruit salad with him, his prom date and two of our friends. Then we watched half of Beauty and the Beast and slept until 11AM. Fun stuff.


Then we hightailed it to the high school, watched Senior Singout (an hour-long movie put together by Jacky, the class Historian, about the class of 2011 and its growth together), and autographed each other yearbooks as we fought off tears. After getting the crossing guard's signature for my yearbook, I headed downtown for lunch with Jacky, Val, Tina, and five other friends. It was a good day.


Finally, graduation day came. The ceremony went off smoothly, Val mentioned me in his speech as "the guy who wears a sombrero to class" (just as the class president had), and my family took a zillion pictures that haven't been uploaded yet. Then we went out for a 12-hour Senior Celebration from dusk until dawn, going from a music hall with a hypnotist to a triple-decker boat in Boston Harbor that had a disco dance floor and a buffet to a deluxe bowling alley to IHOP.


Man, I'm going to miss my class so much.


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Thanks guys. :P


@ Red: Apparently it's called a stole. I thought it looked like a bib too - it's nothing like RuneScape's version of a stole.

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Tina (she made her own dress
She has gudhak sewing skillz.


Also I'm going to pester you until you utter "Mrs. Arianna, you're trying to seduce me...aren't you?"


Don't blame me, YOU started with The Graduate references

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