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Deadliest Catch

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Merch Gwyar


I've had a busy week, so today was the first time I logged in to find my quest cape dislodged. That would never do, so some urgent fishing was clearly required. I shoved on that horrible cerise pink cape, that you get for having level 80 in each skill. It clashed with the general green/teal feel of the rest of my outfit, so I can't see me going out in public like that again. Nevertheless, I needed something to keep the chill out, if I was sailing out into the middle of the ocean.


The only thing that I really knew about this quest was Fred's comment that it was very short. I'd agree with that. It would have been even shorter without the obvious padding elements, like trying to find a sprig of lowland heather which wasn't infested with spiders. I'm Merch Gwyar. I've taken on some of the biggest, scariest creatures in Gielinor. I've travelled into unknown lands and risked life and limb bringing back treasure. I'm monarch of two realms in the barbarian north. I've visited world 2. Do I sound to you like someone scared of spiders in the heather? Nevertheless, I was bound by the rules of questing to search through half a dozen of them, before I was allowed to pick one and drop it in some special tea.


The quest started off, after a chat with Jones at the fishing guild, with all of the things that I dread. Running around to random people, collecting disparate items. It got better though. It was only two locations and, heather picking aside, didn't feel too much like unimaginative fillers. I wish I'd gone to Linza before The Guns though, as he gives you a life back to the starting point. I'd gone to the fishing master, then used a slayer ring to get to a fairy ring. From there to the Tower of Life, on the basis that I had a skills necklace to arrive at the fishing guild gate. Then I'd run around to Hemester. If I'd done fishing master, then Linza, then The Guns, I'd have cut out an extra journey. Nevertheless, I was soon back with Jones and The Guns, ready for my epic fishing trip.


It felt more like a kebbit hunting trip. Areas were investigated and a trail emerged. Instead of tracks in the snow, this was flotsam on the water. Eventually the trail led to the Thalassus rearing up and attacking our boat. I enjoyed what followed. The conversation with the three sirens, with all its touchstones of Greek mythology, but it let only to a repeat of the same hunting thing. I did it all again, murmering, 'quest padding, filler, quest padding, filler', only to discover that this was pretty much the end of the quest. I thought that this whole voyage might be round one, but no, after delivering a tooth to Linza, it was all over.


Fred was right - short quest. It was entertaining in part, but on the whole just smacked of shoving things in and repeating them to make it all feel a little more than it was.


The fishing xp was very lovely though: 70k! There was also 26k hunting xp, with a potential for more if I go hunting the sea monster again. The wieldable nets will be useful and more bank deposit boxes are always good. I just need to find out where they are.

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Linza has tits AND the mermaids have tits. Bare ones too.

Best quest ever.




Yeah, the Hunting sucked. The quest was fairly short and pointless. I think the main point was probably to introduce Linza - one of the signature heroes.

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But the Canting Cape is hanging, in pride of place, on my cape rack! And I was in the fishing guild. Do you really want me to have a fishy smell all over my best cape? Then it was academic, as I was back in my quest cape. :D


Easl! Sorry, I will do that forthwith. Busy week!


Capt Hunter - the charms of Linza and the mermaids must have missed me by. I will pay more attention next time. :lol:

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