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Life Update: Senior Year, Twitter, Language, Etc.

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It's nice to have this blog. The chances of someone I know finding it online is very rare. Even if you search for "MRC's Blog," it doesn't come up. Anyway, it's been a while since I posted anything, besides yesterday. Previously, I wasn't on here since December, based off my blog. That's crazy. I used to be an addict, but I just got involved with more things. It's weird to think I joined this forum when I was in seventh grade, and now I am a graduate of my high school. I start college August 25. That's just crazy to think about. It's still shocking.


So over the past year, not much has really changed. Senior year academically was rough. It's my fault; I picked these classes. I had 1st period AP Calculus, 2nd period AP English, 3/4 period AP Biology (an hour and a half of a bald, monotone man lecturing about biology is worse than oral herpes), 5/6 Honors Physics, I had an hour break for lunch and study hall-ing 7/8, 9th period French I, and then I got to leave early at 1:20 every day. That was nice.


I got suspended for hacking my school's wifi network on December 1. That was a horrible day, but looking back, all of my friends and good teacher's laugh at it and make fun of me. I didn't really hack though. I was fixing a teacher's laptop, and I found the password stored in her internet settings. I had no idea the passwords were stored. At my house, the password is on our modem, and we never bothered to change it. So we have to enter it on new devices in the household, but only once. It just never occur to me that the password remained stored. Well, when I found it, I put the password into my iPod touch, and I could get internet in certain parts of the school. I did my work, but when nothing was going on, I pulled my Ipod touch and checked the news, my grades, etc. I couldn't get Facebook or Twitter. Oh well. It didn't go on my record; only expulsions do, so no one in college will ever know.


I started to really focus on learning French, and now I'm working on Italian. I still have lots of French to practice and perfect, but I love Italian. Both are fascinating languages. It's what I want to do with my life. Well, somewhat. I want to go to college for a degree in teaching and be certified to teach Math and Spanish at the high school level. That makes me marketable; I'm either a trilingual Spanish teacher, or a trilingual Math teacher. I'm seriously going to work on Italian and French on my own. I love foreign languages. I wish more of my friends could speak foreign languages.


Totally random change of topic, but I hate twitter. I try and tweet funny things, but it's just a way to badmouth people on Facebook. I hate it. I'm all about love. No hate. Soon everyone on facebook will be on Twitter, and then Twitter's purpose for badmouthing people who were on Facebook and are now on Twitter will cease to exist. I have dumb friends; there are some things that should not be posted on the internet. Frankly, if I can describe your sexual history or pastimes to another friend based off what you have on the internet, you're a whore. Plain and simple. Keep that stuff to yourself, and if you want to share it, share it with close friends who know how to keep a secret.


I think I'm also comfortable admitting I came to terms that I am a homosexual. It's not a big deal. I'm still pretty awesome. Most of my close friends know, and family, and it's all good. I have male friends too that are straight and still hang out with me. I think it helps that I totally do not follow the stereotypes. I don't sound like a diva, my hair is naturally brown and that's how it will stay, my jeans fit me and are not skin tight, my voice doesn't sound like I have a pair of pliers attached to my privates, etc. I apologize if I have offended anyone, but I'm just speaking about stereotypes and how I don't follow them. If you don't believe these are stereotypes, watch "Brüno." Anyway, I'm single, and I don't mind that. Hopefully I'll find someone pretty cool at college. I'll be sure to blog about it if I'm still active on here.


Any questions? =)

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Not a question. A statement.


Holy shizzle it's mrcsupertrain.

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my voice doesn't sound like I have a pair of pliers attached to my privates



Hey Mrc. <33 Long time, no see? :P Will you be staying..?

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(an hour and a half of a bald, monotone man lecturing about biology is worse than oral herpes)


Someone still has his sense of humor. <3


And yes please stay. :D

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