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The Realm Requires Your Help!

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I've been slacking with Runescape lately. I need everyone's help to list as many items as you can for the Item Database's unentered item list. The backlog of items go back just over a month to 13th May, when the capes of distinction came out. Since I 'own' the topic I'm responsible for keeping it updated but that doesn't mean I must source all the information myself.


I need help to keep the sticky updated so if you (still) actively play Runescape you can help out. There are almost always new items to contend with at the release of a game update so please keep an eye out for those items in-game and in the knowledge base. You don't even have to write an entry for them if you wish (but it would be great if you could)


We haven't had any activity in any of those database boards this month so far, in new entries AND corrections! The little things you can do make a big difference :)

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