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Rear Ended?!

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Lee M16


So I took Jillian down to Walmart in Ballen-Rock to return some things. On our way back I had to drive a short stretch of 76 back up through Ballentine to cut back over to 26.


I got out fine, but then a car in front of my slowed way down to let someone turn, and being that there wasn't anyone behind me I got into the right lane and passed him. The lane ended a minute or two later and I saw a gap in front of him and started to merge. The person I went around had accelerated and was honking at me and flipping me off for nearly hitting him. I'm sorry my lane ended you goosedown, but there was a gap and I was entirely within the law. (I have a witness Shu, wasn't speeding or anything).


So he followed me up to the road that cuts back across to the interstate. I put on my blinker, and as I turn he honked and sped up again like he was going to hit me. Had I not been paying attention to turning I could easily have held my brakes a second longer and gotten rear-ended.


I honestly had done nothing wrong.. the guy was just being an ass.

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Whenever people do this I like to slow down to 15 mph on sections where they can't pass me :evil: (yay creek roads)

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getting read ended is always handy when you want a new bumper after you hit a pole while parking

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