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Au Revoir Cursive

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Indiana schools no longer required to teach cursive



MERRILLVILLE – The days when Indiana’s elementary school students were required to perfect the looping script of cursive handwriting are ending.


Starting this fall, the state Department of Education will no longer require Indiana’s public schools to teach cursive writing. State officials sent school leaders a memo April 25 telling them that instead of cursive writing, students will be expected to become proficient in keyboard use.


The Times of Munster reports the memo says schools may continue to teach cursive as a local standard, or they may decide to stop teaching cursive altogether.


East Allen County Schools Superintendent Karyle Green said she didn’t find the decision surprising.


“The skill of handwriting is a dying art,” she said. “Everything isn’t handwritten anymore.”


The district will still teachcursive, albeit in a limited form, according to curriculum director Marilyn Hissong.


From now on, second-graders will be taught cursive. But students will no longer be assessed on the handwriting style in third and fourth grade.


“We think it’s still important for kids to be able to read cursive,” Hissong said. “But after that, it begins to become obsolete.”


Andree Anderson of the Indiana University Northwest Urban Teacher Education Program says teachers haven’t had the time to teach cursive writing for some time because it’s not a top priority. And Anderson says students’ handwriting is atrocious.

They always told us in second grade that we would need cursive in fifth grade and higher, and no one writes in print. Lies. Cursive is a waste of time. Well, not really. I somewhat use it when I take quick notes. My handwriting is a mix of print and cursive. It's kind of cool. The one thing that makes me wonder is, if you don't learn cursive, how do you sign your name? I mean, I know a lot of people that just capitalize the first two letters and then do scribbles. I write most of it out in a distinct way that's not easily forgeable. I do support working on keyboard proficiency. That's a new life-long skill needed.


Anyone want me to write anything?

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Its so sad. When you see letters and things written by people a few generations older than us their handwriting is beautiful. We never learned handwriting past junior school. At secondary school its all about learning but not about the presentation other than IT.


It makes me sad that we are losing such a skill.

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my handwriting was always terrible, despite getting lessons into secondary school because it was so bad. now my teachers are constantly worrying that I will drop grades in exams because it's so bad.


it's obviously very nice and everything for those who can write properly, but for me good riddance.

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I hate cursive to be honest, just looks like a bunch of loops and i find it impossible to read.

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I took French I this year, and literally the entire class freaked out when my French teacher used cursive for a lesson. I'm used to seeing it, but everyone was saying they couldn't read her writing, and it was perfectly legible. I think testing on cursive may not be necessary, but it's a bit of a shame not to teach it anymore, yet I am not surprised with all the other crap they want us to learn now.

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Ok so I just understood this, I was thinking of elegant handwriting, you guys cant write joined up? whaaa? :o

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I can write bad cursive. :P I always sign my name in cursive, but I rarely use it for anything else.


Anyway, this is a little bit sad, but kids really do need to learn more important things these days, after all. They can use the extra classroom time for math and science.

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Ok so I just understood this, I was thinking of elegant handwriting, you guys cant write joined up? whaaa? :o

Exactly, what the fridge


The only letter I write in simil-print is "a", the rest is all cursive O_o

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