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Salt In The Wound

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Merch Gwyar


'Salt in the Wound' has been lurking in my peripherial vision for a few days. Whenever someone strolled by me in a questcape, it momentarily rose to demand priority again. But I had something to do first. I wanted 90 smithing and I was not going to budge from that forge until I'd got it. You wouldn't believe how fit I've got, lugging inventories full of gold ore into Edgeville's furnace, then carting all of the gold bars back into my bank. I've got blisters inside my smithing gauntlets! And you wouldn't believe how hot, sticky and clammy your hands can feel after nearly 10k worth of ores smelted. But I did it. (I watched the entire series of Harry Potter films doing it. By the time I ended up at the cinema last night to watch the concluding one, I'd seen every one of the previous films in the days leading up to it.)


Tra la laaaaaa




la la laaaaaa




Quest time is now!


I found the opening stages quite confusing. The Quest to Find Kennith In Order to Start This Thing took me in ever increasing circles all of the way around Daemonheim, until he finally showed up down the bottom off to the east. In fact, if I'd caught the boat from Al-Kharid, instead of teleporting with my ring, I'd have walked straight into him. The first thing that I noticed was that he'd grown during the past year or so. By grown, I mean grown a lot. More than a year's worth of growing. I know that with kids you take your eye off them for a year and they get bigger, but this is ridiculous. He leapt from about nine to nineteen in just a few months. Some kind of time portal going on out there?


We had a little cant, wherein he mentioned Sir Tiffy, then he expressed the need for more privacy. Off he teleported. Ok. Ok. So Sir Tiffy is head of intelligence for the white knights. I've just spent half of my life in Edgeville, which is just up the road from Falador, yet Sir Tiffy sends preternaturally overgrown Kennith to Daemonheim to look for me. Daemonheim?! One glance at my stats will tell you that that's the least likely place for me to be! At 88, Dungeoneering is still one of my lowest skills. *sigh* But let's run with this. It worked. Kennith has run off and not said where he's going. Because he mentioned Sir Tiffy, I hopped onto the boat and grabbed some Fally tele runes from Al-Kharid bank. I hurried into the park and had a chat with Sir Tiffy. No mention of Kennith at all. I looked around. No Kennith there either. Sir Tiffy doesn't even want to talk about the quest!


I returned to Daemonheim and went back down the steps, to see if Kennith was back where I'd left him. That's the only reason that I bumped into him en route. Was I supposed to know that he was up there? We chatted and gained Eva and Ezekiel. The quest was officially started.


I admit to giggling over the next scene. Ezekiel blasted us straight into the middle of some random players' dungeon. I found the reaction of the players to be hilarious. Faced with a huge hole, which meant that they could sneak Dungeoneering items out, one of them exclaimed that he was taking the gatestone to the GE. Then they were going, fleeing through the breach. LOL




Yep, I can see that happening.


We did a couple or three rooms of a dungeon, before going to the slug citadel. Really the most difficult things here were learning how to effectively control the other three characters. I think that the intention was for the room puzzles themselves to be tricky, but they really weren't. Once you'd worked out what lever did what, then it was a quite simple task to know that you needed to deploy folk, and where they should go. But I was forever forgetting to click to stop giving orders to various people. So I'd have them beautifully positioned, then I'd run off to do something, only to find that one of the other dudes was now chasing after me. It took me until the third room of the citadel to finally have the whole control thing running smoothly.


My only other panic was the fourth room, which involved being a general in fighting. I'd already ascertained that I was the best fighter in the room, but my hand was stuck in a box a la 'Dune', so I had to direct them instead. Do I look like someone good at directing a fight?! I have people for things like that! Grief, Warlock, Zach, Kayla or someone! What damn fool would put me in charge of a battle?! Until now, I'd just sent Eva wherever fighting needed to happen, as she had the most hitpoints. That turned out to be a fail!tactic here, as she was quickly getting battered. Once I'd realised that the risen knights weren't aggressive, I did some planning before I sent them into it. I even looked at the combat triangle. That dude with the scary sword got Kennith's mage spells onto him etc. Towards the end, all of my dudes were low on hp. I got cunning then. The ranger got Ezekiel attacking first with range, because he had the most remaining hp, but then Eva was straight in after him. She hit with melee, without getting hit herself, which was great considering she only had about 2hp at the time.


We got through into the fifth room first time, then I think that sheer luck got me through, as I wasn't positioning people with too much strategy. We defeated the Queen Slug though. Win!




And my quest cape is back around my shoulders. :D

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Gratz on 90 Smith !!! :D I enjoyed the quest, particularly the last bit :D no spoilers here



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One glance at my stats will tell you that that's the least likely place for me to be! At 88, Dungeoneering is still one of my lowest skills.


Isn't that why you should be at Daemonheim? :P

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Imo, a pillar fell on the storyline, it was horrible! They ruined the storyline of the quest which could of gone for atleast 2 more quests. And WHERES OUR PRAYER ARMOUR? :( Just too many flaws.


Gz on 90 smithing anyway :)

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I was lucky in that I had the 'show quest area on minimap' thing turned on, so I at least had some clue where Kennith was. I didn't really feel as immersed in this quest as I usually do, because a lot of the quest was about working out how to control things, rather than actually controlling them, and because Kennith was behaving irrationally and anachronistically because that was required by the quest, rather than because it made any sense.


I found it odd that Kennith grew up overnight, and I think the quest could have worked very well if he was a teenager - in fact I've always wondered why a game that is (let's face it) aimed at teenagers features children and adults, but no teenagers. The closest we get to engaging with the actual target audience is the fremennik rites of passage, I suppose. There could have been some interesting humorous dialogue, serious points and even self-aware observations on fantasy roleplaying stereotypes made by putting a gawky teenager with low social skills in a quest with the improbably-cleavaged Eva and playing the two off against each other. Instead we get a slightly odd adult male, who doesn't really relate to Ezekiel, who is also taking the slightly odd adult male role.


I'm used to getting an 'oh, it that it?' feeling from quests (especially the last one, which really felt like half a quest), but that's usually excusable because things are being held back for the sequel, so I was disappointed with this one. The humour of the break in at demonheim was the quest's high point, but nothing was really made of it, and it made no sense that the slug item was clearly visible in the 4th room we looked in, when I've not seen it once going all the way from level 1 to 81 dungeoneering. It really annoyed me that Jagex are allowed to get us into demonheim with items for next to no reason, but as players we still have to face the absurdly clumsy game mechanic of Fremmeniks who on the one hand treat me like a living god, and trust me with balmung, but on the other hand insist for no discernable reason that can't be trusted to face untold horrors in demonheim with even a lousy bronze dagger to defend myself. I haven't even bothered giong back to try and use Ezekiel's way in, because I know that (for no reason other than trying to balance a badly thought out minigame) some kludged together reason will be constructed so that I won't be allowed to use it.

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I really enjoyed the quest. I saw kennith as a teenage (17) personally, but it was impressive to see how he'd grown and I thought it was very interesting. While the Daemonheim part felt a bit like three's company, the mechanics for controlling the extra people were much more polished and once you understood them it became simple, yet satisfying, which I imagine the slug citadel would be. I didn't want EW3's type of puzzle, after all.


While the pillar drop was a little saddening (I think they could have done with making the mind control weaken the slug queen and then have us and the gang kill her off), I liked the quest and really enjoyed it. It's the first one I've ever been able to do on release! :) [apart from The Blood Pact whcih doesn't count].


P.S. Can you tell me what you think of clan Citadels?

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MsClick - Thank you very much!


Lucas 2am - LOL Good point!


Lol Homework - So the storyline toppled for you at that moment? And thanks!


Teacuptime - I went to check. The entrance is merely sealed up. I examined it and it said something like, 'this entrance has been sealed up'. Presumably by Fremmenik workers.


I try to do every quest without any in-game help at all (except for finding out the objects needed ahead of time, as I hate having to leave the quest to source something), though it seems that that strategy failed here. LOL on the 'improbably-cleavaged Eva'. I thought it. I so thought it. But figured that the demographic was possibly young men. I agree with everything that you said here on both the quest and Daemonheim as a whole. Jagex rarely excel at continuity and engaging storylines. I wish I could be let lose on their plot-holes.


Helm - I haven't played 'Three's Company' yet, mainly because I forgot about it. Ritster reminded me earlier, so I will go and check it out. It sounds like I'll have an advantage, if it's the same sort of control mechanism.


Congrats on doing a quest on the day of release! <3


I still haven't read about the Clan Citadels, so my only information is what you told me earlier. I'm up for a Citadel Day, where Canting goes to claim a good castle.

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