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Was I Prank Called?

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Playing XBL and the house phone rings. I pick up and some indian man answers asking for my dad. I say he's not at home, so he asks for anyone else in my family. I say I'm home alone, so he asks how old I am. I say 15, and he says I sound 80. I'm like 'wut???' and he asks why I sound 80 when I'm only 15. I say 'idk' so he asks if I'm male or female. I ask the revelance of it and what he wanted. He repeats the male/female question so I hung up.



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Oh ya sorry.


My friend Tom gets phone calls from Indian call centres from time to time - they always ask him if he is his mum.

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y u say me i dnot sound indian

didn't see that part


no clue who it could be then

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