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Made A Ba Defender Guide

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Basic Defender tips:

  • The bait is correct if you drop it when it's correct. So if you drop tofu and the call is tofu, it will still be right even if the call changes to crackers.
  • The best spot to start in is the last recruitment slot. This will put you in the closest possible position to the Defender machine when the wave starts.
  • Antipoison totems and enhanced excalibur are extremely useful, although with the former you will rarely need the latter (except on queen).
  • If you have a low HP level, keep in mind that Saradomin Brews are allowed into BA.
  • The first two calls are crucial to defending quickly. If you're in a team with a healer that lags like hell at the start of the round, or just one who's a slow caller you can guess the bait while dropping a bait line. Run back to the trap asap and stand on the bait and wait for a correct call. Drop the correct bait and pick up the wrong one you dropped earlier.
  • Don't let people run over you when you're standing by the trap and luring/crowding the runners. It makes the runners able to walk through you and destroys your multiple-kill. Explain to them politely why they shouldn't do that, and if they refuse to listen then just leave.

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Recommended Comments

-slightly- different than what I used to do. I used to drop bait on the square directly north of the trap rather than the northwest corner and used to drop bait on the square directly north west of the cannon and wrong bait west of the cannon in case some ran/spawned oddly.


Also, hi sleepy :)

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