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You Can't Win

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Twist of Fate


In middle school I was bullied for being a Runescape noob, by my powerful level 40 combat friends. Went to a small school with like 40 people in my grade and most of the guys played Runescape. I was rejected and couldn't sit with them at lunch or anything.


Now I am level 129 combat, and 2155 total level with like 11 99s and I'm a no life nerd.

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I sat with the girls every day. And I was called a homo. That's what really got to me. Every guy on RS in my grade back then=Single and probably secretly making out with each other at recess

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Wow, you talked to girls and not other guys? What a homosexual. Waitwhat.

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yfw they all quit playing after school and got successful jobs and model wives and made it in life

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The only guys who ever quit RuneScape are the ones who don't want to.


Also, your first paragraph conjures a mental image that is both hilarious and eerily familiar... :lol:

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