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Hotkey Program

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I tried, I really tried. But with a near success comes random key detection with no apparent cause. Project files are here, take a look at the code if you wish to help ease my pain. I could convert the program to only use one hotkey instead of offering the option of two if I picked through and added more hotkey choices but that'd be tomorrow's endeavor.


Two bugs I've seen:

1) When using shift as part of a hotkey combination, the first text sent is fine and dandy as you want it to be but the next hotkey (as long as you keep focus in the same window you're sending to) will be affected by a Shift press even if you are no longer pressing shift.

2) Maybe it's just because I'm using shift for so many hotkey choices, but the hotkey shift+sidemousebutton sometimes it drops in the text for another hotkey sidemousebutton as well.


There's a textbox on the GUI that shows which hotkey combos are pressed at any given time and it shows some pretty weird alternating hotkeys even though they'd be wrong.


There was going to be a video to go along with the download link that'd help demonstrate the bugs but when I looked at the seven minute recording, it was just black screen with no audio. Codec issues. Go figure. Anywho, I don't expect anyone to know what I'm talking about, let alone go through the code so I'll just set my chin on the heel of my hand and say, "Well, I was kinda close."





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