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The Insignificance Of Reality

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Amber Pyre


The Sal's FC was being incredibly random and got into a discussion about reality.


This is the outcome.


RuneScape > Real Life


and if that is true then,


Real Life = Insignificant


so if that is true,


RuneScape = r xs


where R is Reality and S is the significance of RuneScape in life.

For a general player,


RuneScape = 1x25


Making RuneScape have a +24 over Reality.


If that is true for RuneScape, then that must mean that


M = r xs


where M is Minecraft, R is reality, and S is the significance of Minecraft in life.

For a general Admiral,


M = 1x10,000


Giving Minecraft a +9999 over life.





And that is my theory.

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