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The Flying House

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Amber Pyre


Built a new Zeppelin in the form of a flying house. Currently on a journey to nowhere. Possibly the Far Lands.


I will add pictures tomorrow, and I will regularly update you when I reach certain points in the journey.


Just got a wolfie who I'm naming Wolfie.


Original, right?



Unfortunately, Wolfie got stuck in a glass barrier around the porch, likely because I docked the house on a tree and the whole tree got lifted along with the house.


Oh well, now I have a sentinel. :pirate2:

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Maybe you should find a wolf. They're a lot less likely to fall off the ship than a chicken, so you don't have to be as careful as me :P.


I shall do that. First I'll spawn a few bones to guarantee that I get a wolf. Then I shall be having it fly with me.

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