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What A Merry Bunch We... Wait, No....

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Amber Pyre


My new (thrice) zeppelin is finished and ready to be sailed onward in a random fashion to a random location. I hope to be travelling in the direction of sunset with hopes of finding a NPC Village after the patch.


In the meantime, I will try to find a Wolfie III (Wolfie was discovered to be MIA, and Wolfie II was blown up on a TNT freighter) and settle down possibly on a large cliff or floating island.


Pictures and updates to come.




Modifications used:

Too Many Items

Zombe's Modpack

Zeppelin (duh)

LB Photo Realism x64 (x128 lagged my game too much)

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No idea where I'm headed, but doing this journey without flymod certainly makes this an intersting challenge for me.


Good luck-I found the wolf on my journey, that's the easiest way. And apparently the modmaker has made chests work on this, so I'm tempted to start a legit journey!


Good luck to you as well.


Did you notice the reference in the title?

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