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Problem Officer?

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Amber Pyre


I shall use Conservative Nationstates. Problem? Take it up with Glenn Beck.


Well, maybe not really, but you know what I mean.

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We're advised to give him a 20 metre space during campaign season. 40 metres by the time we get to October of 2012. ;)


I'm confused. Glenn won't be running for office. He's a Conservative, constitutionalist talk show host and former commentator on Glenn Beck of FOX

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Doesn't stop him spewing neurotoxins in every sentence though. :P

Are we talking about the same person? More importantly: Are you a Liberal/Progressive?

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I prefer to not use old, worn out labels like Liberal and Conservative tank u v much. The only ones I will accept on me are Independent and Catholic. :)


What's funny is how Liberal and Conservative are labels in the US but are actual names for parties in the UK and Canada. :lol:


I've seen Conservative and Liberal party ballots here in the US. But seriously, your party?

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I have none. I judge by policy. I agree and disagree with aspects of the Republican and Democratic parties.


Ok then. You can edit your responses like I do you know. But then, I'll never see them. But I like doing this because it looks more heb0ish.

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Yes but you can't just have an entire convo in one post full of edits. :o That would be an abomination! :mad:And what's the point of doing it in the blogs where you try to collect AS MUCH COMMENTS AS YOU CAN! :blink:


You have much to learn young one. :closedeyes:


I like imitating Heb0.

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