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Glenn Beck: Conservative Talk Show Host Launches His New Network

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Amber Pyre


on September 12, 2011. Exactly the same day as the Beta 1.8 release of Minecraft.


GBTV (Glenn Beck Television) is already being advertised at Times Square.


Read up on the invasion here:



I'm fairly certain I'm one of the only Conservatives here. I know there is one other person who is fairly new here. If you guys find him can you direct him here? He might be interested. :wub:

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I think he's scum of the earth, but then that's just my opinion. Glad to see he got thrown off Faux News but this may well be the greater of the two evils imo.

Glenn quit FOX to buy his own network. O, and you just gave him a dollar for bad-mouthing him.


That is, if he DID get a dollar for every bad-mouther.

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