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No. You're not going. I'm sorry. I can't let you do this.


Naw jk, but it's been nice seeing you here every once in a while. Have fun out there! <3

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im using christmasnow skin


its now winter on sals realm


welcome back comrade

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Good luck in College Ent :)


I've known you since I registered which is a pretty long time, it's been good :)

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See you guys in (counts September October November December) ~3 months... Maybe I might catch a moment to stop in, but not often :P


love you all :wub:

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Last post for a bit... unless I procrastinate greatly.


Gone until November 19th, leave again on December 1st.

Gone until December 10th, leave again on January 15th.

Gone until March 15th, leave again March 30th.

Gone until May 10th, back for a while :P


Also ChristmasNow is best skin :camel:

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