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Sal's Realm Castle Wars Event

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Amber Pyre


It was huge. We got Salmoneus to show up, and I got this picture of him! Sal, if you could autograph it that would be nice.



That's me in the Elite Black platebody!


Ahem. Anyways, I tried to kill Sal when he was on the Zamorak team for Round 2. It didn't turn out very well. He has amazing bodyguards. I was single-hit killed.

On the plus side, some very funny things happened to me. I managed to take ONLY 1 HIT OF DAMAGE from a Korasi special. 1 DAMAGE. And I wasn't even at 1 HP left either. No, more like 400. Good times.


It was very fun and I hope we do it again, possibly Stealing Creation or Soul Wars or something.








Oh and Sal, I want a duel arena match with you. Just to see if I, the Famous-In-The-Faking-Section Tree LOL can actually kill the Legendary Santafishy.

Or at least a Stealing Creation/Castle Wars battle without your bodyguards. No stakes on either of course, no matter how much I want that Santa Hat.

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