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Min Ferie I Danmark.

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So I went to Denmark for a week with my girlfriend and ate my weight in pastry. A lot of rare steak, fresh fish and very good beer was consumed throughout.

I visited the grave of Kierkegaard, bought interesting lager from the Carlsberg Visitor Centre and saw many a brun bjørn at Copenhagen zoo.

We saw cutting edge modern art, ancient architecture and an extensive Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition. Many museums (and many more bars) were visited.

Denmark is incredibly clean, tidy, organised, exciting and beautiful (as is much of that part of Europe) and it was not easy when the time came to leave.

Here is a brief (very brief compared to the 300 photos on the full album) photo album of my time, the title of each link will serve as a caption;



I hope you enjoyed looking through those as much as I enjoy knowing that you didn't enjoy looking through those as much as I enjoyed my holiday in Denmark.

Tak og farvel.

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