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Merch Gwyar - Banned For Macroing... Or Not

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Merch Gwyar


I nearly had a heart-attack. This was before my first cuppa and it was the first unread e-mail. The title was ominous too, 'Your account has received an infraction.' I opened up the e-mail and stared in shock. I'd been banned for macroing.




There was a place to appeal. Of course I was going to appeal! I've never even considered downloading a bot, let alone actually running one! The closest I've ever come to cheating is to secretly wish that Jagex instigated a mechanism, whereby someone else could work your avatar for a restricted period. That's only because I'd send Zach to kill Jad for me or Empty Entity to pwn Vanstrom. I'd do some Runecrafting on their accounts in return. But that's not going to happen! Love my boys to bits, but none of us are daft enough to share our passwords. And none of us are daft enough to go macroing, including me!


I shakily opened up the appeal link, wanting to see this evidence, and wondering about the best way to appeal. I mean, would Amnesty International consider this important enough?


The offence was gone. My account was clear. I'd been banned and then I wasn't, all within the same half an hour by the look of it. 'Offence Quashed - Jagex error' read the notes. And I started to breathe again.






Ok, back to that first cuppa of the day situation. I'm still shaking!

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Are you sure the site was actually the legitimate RuneScape one? As far as I'm aware, Jagex doesn't send emails unless it's some newsletter thing.

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Oh cachi. I've been really stupid. -.-


They haven't changed my password, but they've set my PIN to be deleted. I've stopped that. Nothing has been stolen. I'm in the process of changing my password.

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Glad no major damage happened due to this. I'm also loving the word quashed! It doesn't get used often enough imo.

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