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Raising My Phishing And Hunter Levels

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Merch Gwyar


Tracing backwards from the e-mail sent to me, I learn that the phisher is Lithuanian.




And this is their site (translated into English):






Just waiting for my Lithuanian speaking friend to log on, so we can REALLY play nicely.


UPDATE: So far followed this dude back to the Ukraine. Seeing where this leads me. Also sent a complaint to the hosting companies involved.

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Oh my, this is so beautiful! A side to you I never knew existed!



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Going by the Manchester IP address from which your account was accessed, I suspect this one is just a spamhaus used by the phisher to send out bulk emails. The Lithanian IP address is on at least 6 spam blacklists according to http://rbls.org/


The Manchester IP is a much better lead - it's onshore, and Talk Talk are much more likely to do actually something than a Lithuanian spamhaus are. It's possible the Manchester IP address will lead to someone who purchased compromised account info from whoever is behind the Lithuanian phishing.

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Fatalysm - :wub:


Teacuptime - are you on Skype? If so, I'm merch.gwyar there. I have something that is probably best not in the public domain on this one.

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This is kind of like the part in a story where the hero(ine) has been screwed over and is now out for justice. Gives you that fuzzy feeling of seeing the villain's rear getting kicked :P

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I don't understand a word you lot are chattin bout on skype. Sounds very technical to me!

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I just got another phishing email. :o But I'm having a play with this one. ;)

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