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Dear Tazz From Milton Keynes...

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Merch Gwyar


(or Hanna Lisa, if you prefer)


It is the height of stupidity to allow your boyfriend Amar (or Aggass, his (bless him) 'hacker' name) to use your computer to make his phishing videos. Do you not realise that, when he gets into trouble, it's going to implicate you too? After all, the evidence will be on your hard-drive now, not his. Woman to woman, let me advise you to make him use his own PC for this. Leave your own for perusing Veoh and listening to Dil Khush Kar. See what he's led you into? You would be amazed just how much information we have on both of you now.


This morning, he tried to take over my Runescape account. When that failed, as I changed my password, he attempted again this evening to do the same thing. He didn't use the same header twice, which was amusing, as we were already well into tracking him by then. This second e-mail gave us much more to go on.


Good fight, cariad. And, of course, with whatever happens next, I should wish you good luck.



Merch Gwyar, Audioworm and Fatalysm



PS Please let Aggass know that Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition renders him just one step up from a script kiddie. Decent enough programming, but still ridiculously noobish.

PPS Seeing as you will have followed this link from the e-mail that I just sent you, may I be the first to say ^_^

PPPS Please stop telling people that your website is down for maintenance. It's not. You can't afford to renew the domain, so it's currently in the redemption period before someone else can snap it right up in front of your eyes.

PPPPS We won't be joining you at Yahoo-warez.net forum, though we did watch him playing there earlier. Goodnight.



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Hahaha, looks like I went to bed too early and missed out on all the fun!


I'm loving how kick ass you are Merchy! GF! :yay:

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hanna21ism. At least you have a youtube channel with its his instruction vids. Seriously, the way youngsters want to play these days :cute:

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