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Protected By Canting Away

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Merch Gwyar


I love my clan.


After reading yesterday's initial fiasco, when I was stupid enough to allow my Runescape account to become briefly compromised, Canting kicked in. They all knew that I'd now changed my password, after sweeping my computer for keyloggers, but they also knew that someone had impersonated me. My blog, as well as my comments in chat, asked them to ensure that they were talking to me. Front line protection from the best!


By best, I mean it. I logged in last night and said hello. I was immediately asked a question about an obscure piece of 6th century Welsh history. I don't know what makes me more proud - the fact that I could answer it easily, or the fact that Arcturus knew to ask it. Either way, it was clear that unless an interloper was going to become an expert in a) the Welsh language, b) Cymric mythology and c) the history of all pre-Saxon countries encapsulated by the modern day Cymru, then they going to struggle under these random questions.


D1D professed to not being convinced by that. A whole slew of questions followed, punctuated by the word *suspicious*, which I was happy to answer. He eventually gave up and agreed to believe it was me, when my Welsh out-stripped his Welsh. (Though Caerdydd is a very fine word to know, especially when the crystal gates of Prifddinas are eventually opened to reveal the Torchwood hub. We all know it's behind there.)


Others asked questions regarding our shared in-game history. In short, Canting Away had my back and it was wonderful.



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