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Don't cut yourself off from your other friends because of her, like you hinted at in the last blog. Just act normal towards them and ignore her (not overtly, just don't show any interest in her).


If its awkward then she should be the one to leave, and if anyone asks just say "She wanted to blow other guys, so i told her to fudge off."


edit: and good job at dumping her, but you should've done it sooner.

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I agree with Venom. Plus side you still have friends and you are no longer going out with an idiot.

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Yeah, sounds like you made the right call, broski. ;)


Honestly in the long run there's really no downside to breaking up with a cheater.

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A good relationship, is one worth waiting for. :P Haven't read much or know anything, but it seems you didn't lose out. Her loss.

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