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La Fine

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Way, way, way long ago; in about the fourth grade I discovered a game called Runescape. This game, which was truly my first online gaming experience, was an instant hit in my eyes. Addiction soon gripped me and threw me into the lands of Gielinor, questing and improving my skills in my new found life.


Back in this time, my social life was nowhere to be found, I was a social pariah. Through this seemingly ingenious thing called a “MMO,” I found social solace. I could be somebody with confidence here, somebody that was cool; I could be what I wanted to be. Throughout my infancy years in Runescape I would simply get to know people at training spots and soon add them to my friends. After a few months of this I learned of a thing called a clan.


A pivotal moment in my life came when I found a little site called Sal’s Realm; I soon joined the community and before I knew it I had a blog. After a couple months on Sal’s I stumbled upon a fellow blogger, who was new at the time, Merch Gwyar. I soon found myself joining her chat channel in RS; this was the start of my time in Canting Away.


Canting was my home in a virtual world, somewhere that did not care about my social awkwardness, somewhere that really did foster us misfits of social reality. I soon came to know Zachman3334 and Cougarsrule9, along with many others. These two were my two best friends, even though we did not know one another in real life. We would always be training, questing, etc; we were truly inseparable. This formula would be followed for many years to come, with more friends and clan mates being added all the time.


Sometime in July 2011, I decided to return from my inactiveness that I found myself; I went to the Rite Aid and purchased a new Runescape membership. Upon logging on I was greeted by a lot of familiar face, Zach and Kayla being two of them. My reason for returning was mainly, and what everyone knew, was 99 fishing. There was, however, a more subliminal goal in mind, to tie up loose ends with some truly incredible people.

Now, on October 18, 2011 at 9:30 PM I have decided, Runescape has run its course for me. La fine. I figured that I should do a proper blog post. But really, I do not what this to be as much as a goodbye post, but really, a thank you post. Runescape and Canting Away really helped me build a personality and make me a confident person through the rough patches of my life.


So I guess at this time I would like to thank Merch Gwyar and all the members of Canting Away for the help you’ve (probably without knowing) given me throughout these years. I consider all of you not as virtual friends but as True Friends. Once again, thank you for everything, everybody!


To Runescape, even though you are a game, I feel you deserve a thank you also. Thank you Runescape for providing a platform for which I could become a better person and learn to ignore the so called “cool” kids, you truly were a part of my life. But as with all eras of one’s life, you are coming to a close in mine.

Special Thanks List:


Zach and Kayla: You two were truly my best friends in Runescape, you are both amazing people and even more amazing friends. We’ve been through so much together I hope, that maybe, a miracle will happen and we will get the opportunity to meet up IRL at least once. Let’s stay in touch through text, ok ;) If either of you ever have a problem, don’t be afraid to ask for help from me!


Merch Gwyar: My second mother, you watched out for us younger Canters when we were still in a time of unawareness. Thanks for forming an awesome clan and good luck with all your future writing endeavors!


Wolfhe: While I did not know you for as long as those mentioned above, you are a really cool guy. We talk a lot on Xbox , and you always comment on my blog <_< Thanks for being a fun person!


D1d, Molly, Tanya, MsClick: I really only just got to know all of you, but I really hope we can continue to communicate through some means. I have enjoyed talking to all three of you and hope the best for your futures!


Anybody not mentioned: If you feel you’ve been in my RS life, then most likely you were. You all know who you were and just know that I will remember you, I just sorta got tired of typing :P


Oh and how could I forget… A really special thanks goes to Guildwars186, my Runescape character. Thanks for letting me control you and basically put you through all kinds of Hell. You were truly the best character a gamer could ask for. We have both been fearing this moment but…… I guess this is good bye, I will log on occasionally to check on you ;)


My blog will continue and so will my activity on the FB group, and who knows, I may have a craving for RS again, but that’s a really big maybe.


"I'm waving goodbye to me in the rear view mirror, tying a knot around my youth and putting it under the bed." - Billy Corgan



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I wish you the best, Guild. :) It was lovely knowing you in RuneScape, and I hope we can still talk on FB and Xbox. Take care. :wub:

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See you on Xbox. ;D


More seriously though, I knew you from the first part with Zach and Kayla. >( Y I no get in story section?


More more seriously (egads, the lapse in grammar!), I love this game. It's how I've met many of my best friends, and it has a special place in my heart; flaws and all. I'm sure you feel the same. I look forward to watching you be stuck in the lobby when cool updates come out. ;D

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