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Which ones should I use? I'm investing 40m each into 2 of them or 30m each into 3 of them... I'm thinking chins and dragon bones are good bets because I know for a fact that they are mostly collected by bots. I'm at a loss for the herbs, how much of the herbs entering the market are from Sorcerer's Garden bots? How many are from people doing quick herb runs? I don't know, which is making me shy away from them. Almost definitely not touching Frost Dragon Bones, they are already being hit by investors (bought mine for 30% above medium). I'm also fairly confident that gold and coal are good bets, LRC bots are rampant. Don't know about sharks, Rocktails fall under LRC bots but I'm not sure if sharks are a better option or not. Egghebrect... You should halp me <3

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