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Parallel Parking

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Parallel parking, truly not as bad as I thought it was going to be. But anyways, to the main content of this blog post. This weekends pretty much been a "meh" weekend, besides playing xbox with Wolfhe ;) Battlefield 3's on Tuesday which I am pretty hyped for, I finally have a new multiplayer game to play besides Reach :D


Anyways, I was bored about twenty minutes ago so I decided to go onto my flash gaming website, Kongregate, to find in the recently added games section there was a new platformer that looked interesting. This game was called One and One Story; this was a pretty interesting and fun play and I strongly recommend it. Nice little story and pretty graphics, a great 10 minutes spent. Seriously, you should play it ;)


In content block news... I have made some goals in the "My Goals" block, added a new block called "Interesting Stuff" which is, just that, interesting stuff that I have found on the interwebz. Also new, a "Quote of The Week" block.

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*goes off to Kongregate*


Who else is going to the midnight release of Battlefield 3? Anyone? =P

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