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Once upon a time I made an entry about cleaning out the bedroom to prepare for putting in wood flooring. Well, that was this weekend and we've put in the underlayment last night. Boy, was it a pain getting the underlayment. I've helped put in two other wood floors and I don't remember putting in thin wood, only foam. So I was in Menards looking for "foam underlayment". :( then when I found the right stuff, it turns out I grabbed sheets of wood from the wrong shelf and had to tell the cashier. Ignore the fact I grabbed 3/4" and the underlayment is 1/4". >.< it sucked because the sheets were 4'x8' and the shelf was well above my head.


I've drawn up an amateur blueprint/floorplan that I'll probably upload later. As of now, it looks like I'll be having my own room!

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Dimensions to be decided still. It'll be a futon with a bunk over it against the wall opposite the tv.

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