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Happy Blog

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I woke up today in a good mood. Why? I don't know. I just felt good. I got ready, had breakfast, and off I went. School beckoned.


I arrived at the common room, and had a nice long chat with a lot of people. We then went off for a 3 hour lecture-y thing (we being the whole of year 12, so about 100 people) about 'Study Skills' (essentially reading quicker and revising more effectively). Well, 2 hours, break, 1 hour. It was dull, I have to say. There were funny points - mostly situational - but the first two hours were incredibly boring.


The third hour, however, began with a bang. Namely, a lot of noises of Terry Tate in an office. I've seen that video before, but it was still funny to watch.




Afterwards, we talked presentation skills. How to make the perfect presentation, etc etc. This was where things got more interesting.


"Now you have to plan your own presentation" said the woman running the session. So we did. "Do it about your interests, anything really!" she said.


So I did mine about chutney. Half expecting that nothing would come of it.


But she walked around. My friend clocked her, and knowing what I'd written in my presentation, asked her to get me to present mine to everyone. She said yes. I immediately was running on adrenaline.


I'm not a bad public speaker, but I'm not used to it, and chutney is just a thing. It's not an interest of anyone else. Nevertheless, when she called me I up I did it.


"Conor's going to present now" she said. I smiled awkwardly at everyone. "Do you want the microphone?" she said. "Yes please".


"Hello everyone. I'm Conor, and I'm the Chairman of Chutney Company. I'm here because chutney's bloody lovely".


In that moment, everyone realised I wasn't being serious, and laughter broke out. Over the course of the presentation - with repeated references to it going 'good with poppadoms' and people who not liking chutney being among the most evil people in History (Hitler, Fred 'off of the youtubes', and the guy who nominated me to do it). Literally everyone was laughing, and as I handed the microphone back and walked back to my seat I got a few high fives and at least 5 'legend's.


I was pretty happy. What made me even happier was the fact that one of the new girls at my school (not so new now) turned around and began talking to me slightly. When we had to do another presentation in groups, she said I should do it again. Which is the first encore I've ever had.


When I spoke to my friends at lunch they said I should do stand-up comedy. Blah.


Pointless blog is pointless, I'm just counterbalancing yesterday's pile of shizzlee.

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