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The Citadel Is Falling Down!

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Merch Gwyar


I was just doing a spot of gardening in Catherby, when Daz Rhyfelwr gasped. I thought nothing of it, until he spoke up, "Have you seen our citadel recently?"


I'll be honest. After that fortnight sipping mojitos under palm trees, I've not ventured over there. I've done more work on Death's Citadel than my own this week. "Nope, why?"


"I don't know if this is a Hallowe'en thing or not, but the place is falling down."


"What?!" I dropped everything and ran. So yes, litter wardens of Catherby, those squashed tomatos were me. Sorry. I zapped over to the citadel and walked in. My knees went from under me and I dropped, and stared. My citadel. My lovely citadel. In ruins.




I naturally sounded the SOS in Canting. iCross, There and ArielB rushed over to help me and Daz quickly gather resources. It's all being done to my maths this week *bites lip* because Fred can't get into the game and Zach's gone AWOL. Some IRL storms have gone over his 'hood, so that's a bit worrying, though D1D reckons that he saw Zach a couple of days ago. Otherwise, I think Teacuptime and Warlock can change the allocation. Warlock has been AWOL for a while and I don't know about Teacuptime. In truth, I don't actually know who sets our tasks in the citadel. It just magically happens by the time I step into there. Presumably at the hand of someone who speaks maths.


Anyway, here is the blogged SOS as well. Your Canting citadel needs you! It's nowhere near to the upkeep level at the minute, though there are currently five of us in there working hard on getting it there. Come and help us! Please!









Now MsClick has come to help. :holiday:



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It was a pleasure working with you all, got my max cap for the first time :P

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Maybe if i renew my membership if i get interested in RS again I'll join Canting. :)


That's a lot of if's though. :P

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Herty - The feeling is mutual.


Deke - Yes, we did! :yay:


Admiral - It would be a delight to have you in our clan.


Now for blogging an update. I only left for a cuppa and got side-tracked with history questions on another forum!

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