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Fallout: New Vegas



Start out really fun. New kind of first person shooter + rpg. First time touching the Fallout series.

Game was quite fun for about 12 hours... Then things got bad.



Spelling mistakes, glitches, and tons of failed loads make me have a big case of "I am disappoint" for this game.


I've had to restart my Xbox multiple times in a row, each time failing to load the current game I was in.

I've noticed quite a number of spelling mistakes, not including slang.

I've been blocked from walking on a main path by invisible.. something. It's invisible, I can't see it, but it makes my xbox lag really bad.


An extreme lack of combat features is also noticeable. You should be able to turn off auto-vats for team mates. Even with full condition my guns seem to jam up or not shoot as fast as they did in the start of the game. etcetc


And on top of that, Legion assassins come after me every 10 seconds and all I have to defend myself with is leather armor and a 9mm pistol.. Talk about balanced.


Some how I've managed to progress quite far through all this bullsh-t.


I give it a 4/10 only because it was fun for the first few hours.


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Rule of thumb: Only buy Bethesda games for the PC.

Mods. Glitch-fixes. New weapons. A plethora of awesome options.

I've had a lot of fun with Fallout: NV on PC.


Never buy a Bethesda game for a console. Never.

People only buy Bethesda games for the modding capability. :closedeyes:

I could show you some awesome mods and pictures for Bethesda games.

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Not sure if serious or completely oblivious to how Fallout 1 and 2 is a pivotal part of gaming history, and Fallout 3 shall forever be considered as the game that basically was all about "We just want to kill you, even if the ending doesn't make sense at all, but we want it to be all big 'n' cool and stuff, even if your death is totally avoidable and stop the game for you and all that.".


No, Fallout 3 was a disgrace. It was one of those really awesome games... which then epically failed right at the end and that just ruined it all.


Fallout: NV on PC is fairly decent, although I haven't finished it yet. It's certainly kept me entertained though, storywise and entertainment-wise.

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