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200th Member Voting

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After three hours of research and tough decisions, I've narrowed down the nominee list to ten potential candidates.


Please vote for who you think would be the best addition to the Official Runescape Fanclub. I will use your votes as partial guidance.


1. Kyo

2. Co-Z

3. Emanick

4. Gillis

5. Desireful[1]

6. man

7. Redmonke[2]

8. Goliath Gob & Venom

9. Naota

10. Razorlike

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Recommended Comments

For transparency, I nominate Bluefire, Beeboy, Drokarus, Slushpuppy, Metal Cactus, iTush, 1800, Fraff, MisterMocie, 123man, and Panzerpaul.

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