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My Brain Is Full Of ****

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I'm the GameMaster and the Player is... someone with a low IQ... This is ALMOST a copy/paste from. I just changed "Player" and "GM" from the original forms.


Player: i have a problem with donating

GM: Okay what's wrong?

Player: i didnt get the email confirmation thing

GM: We're having problems with our mail server right now. To fix this, open a support ticket in the control panel. Tell them your issue there.

Player: okay. so what do i do?

GM: Open a support ticket..

Player: where?

GM: The control panel. You know what here... *insert URL*

Player: thanx

--Some time passes--

Player: so what do i put?

GM: Put your email address and the receipt from PayPal.

Player: how do I do that?

GM: Copy/paste it over.

Player: ok thx a lot gm bye.

--Some more time passes--

Player: hey on this drop down list i dont see you

--Special note: "Assign to specific GM?:" is what it says, then you pick a Game master to assign it to. Most leave it as "any"--

GM: That's because I'm not a a support GM.

Player: oh. so who is?

GM: The people on the drop down menu.

Player: oh. okay. so how do i pick you?

GM: You don't. I'm not a support GM. Just leave it as "any" if you don't know what to do.

Player: so who do i pick?

GM: "Any"

Player: okaythx bye.



I almost lost it at this point. I was doing an IRL facepalm.jpeg.

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srsly? f blank blank k is warnable?




my brain is even more full of fk and two blanks.

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I was harassing you ;D

not cool bro. you [CENSORED] so you scared the s**t out of me :(

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I was harassing you ;D

not cool bro. you [CENSORED] so you scared the s**t out of me :(



tbh, I have no idea what the thread is for? I'm an idiot:(

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