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Preparing For Jad And The Loveliness Of Choco

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Merch Gwyar


Kuradel, in her infinite wisdom, has given me Jad as a slayer task. In some ways, it was unwelcome, because I'm just 11k from 90 Slayer, so I wanted to just do it and call all of my friends around for a celebration photograph. But Jad needs to happen one day.


Here is my outfit so far. Any thoughts?




Yes, you may be ooohing and arrring at my lovely white bird armour. It's not mine. It belongs to the very lovely (and very trusting) Ix Choco xI! {{{{{hugs}}}}} It took a good 10 minutes of negotation before I'd accept it, but we have deal wherein he's on-line and in-game on Friday night, for me to give it all back. <----- In writing, Choco!



That's what I call friendship! :(


Choco and I got to talking about how we met. He had just been killed, when I encountered him. I replaced all of his mithril armour for him. Blink and they're all grown up, owning three sets of claws and Arma.. armour.




Payback... payback... It's a bit bloody more than full mithril, Choco! -.-


Also a big shout out to cpt_sparclz. He overheard Choco and I mentioning Sal's Realm and came to say hello. He uses our guides and said how useful they are. Here I am passing the message on to Sal's. <3




So back to the plot. Jad advice please? I've got to him 3 times so far and he's pwnt me 3 times, due to my lack of prayer changing speed. I'm going to put ranger boots on and MsClick has loaned me her archer ring too. <3


Final picture:



Chilling out with friends at the GE

Me, MsClick, Choco and Cpt_Sparclz

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A saradomin godsword and enhanced excalibur can get you all the way to Jad without using any supplies from your inventory, if used carefully... but it can be very slow going. Use SGS specials to restore prayer/health (the 45s, 180s and the 22s that the 45s split into are all good to regain prayer on), and EE specials to restore health. You'll be doing a lot of waiting around for the special bar to go up while trapping things behind the italy rock, but it will leave you with 26 other items to use against Jad.


Let me know if you want to borrow my SGS!

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Sharpshooter aura might help. The basic one isn't that costly.


I was going to suggest magic boosts and vengeance spells, which used to make it easy (because the healers never appeared), but I read that a recent hidden update changed that, and now the healers appear no matter where the damage comes from.

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Yes, it's been changed so the healers do appear if you only use vengeance, making the no prayer swapping method unusable. There is a no swapping method, but it's very difficult, involving standing inside a trapped Jad and chinning the healers.

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