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Bf3 Vs Mw3

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Nothing particularly interesting has happened this week (other than the shocking development that a girl that I sort of like thinks I'm hilarious, but a lot of people in my classes do at the moment), and I've played both Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 a fair amount since their respective releases, so I guess I'll pit them against each other, despite their glaring differences.



+ Decent campaign - not as batshizzle crazy as MW2, unfortunately not as good as COD4. Predictable ending.

+ Online puts weight against campers

- It's essentially the same game we've had for four years

- It's still not as good as COD4

- Predictable ending



+ Great online - culmination of the entire Battlefield series into a balanced package

+ Beautiful environments - on console it's not one of the better looking games (on PC it's lovely) but the environments are pretty stunning

- Dreadful campaign

- Predictable ending

- Doesn't live up to the hype


What have we established here? Different games, both good games and slight letdowns at the same time. Hi, I'm Scrum.


(next week, Skyrim versus Homework)

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MW3 didn't have great writing, but some parts were good fun-it's just a shame most of the set-piece parts felt like they'd been done before slightly differently, with the exception of the weightless plane sequence, and the juggernaut armour was very cool to try out. Far better than Black Ops, which often turned into more of a driving game than anything else-that helicopter fight, for example, was no fun at all-you should control the gun or the vehicle, not both.


And hanging X from the rafters was brilliant! I never saw that coming!

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Helm - I agree :P However the writing wasn't as abysmal as MW2's, and the campaign was definitely better as a whole than MW2's.


EJ - I agree with you too :P

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Not exactly


Considering it was donned the 'Definitive Shooter', all it is is an accomplished one. Had they not said that I'd have no problem with the hype, but it was said to be better than it actually is.

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