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A conversation me and ekwa had about shapeshifting and Mystique. Somewhat nsfw?


[7:47:05 PM] Dylan: hmm

[7:47:13 PM] Dylan: i really wish i was a shapeshifter

[7:47:33 PM] Sweepy: what if you couldn't change your mass?

[7:47:37 PM] Dylan: hmm

[7:47:37 PM] Sweepy: like you had to put it in a bucket or something

[7:47:44 PM] Dylan: i guess i could just be hollow

[7:47:54 PM] Sweepy: i wonder if you could stay alive after that

[7:48:02 PM] Sweepy: i know part of mystique's power is that she can't change her mass

[7:48:12 PM] Sweepy: and in this one episode of x men evolution she turns into a crow and flies away

[7:48:18 PM] Sweepy: and i was like lol, that's not gonna happen

[7:48:31 PM] Dylan: ahha

[7:48:40 PM] Dylan: they established that in the books?

[7:48:43 PM] Sweepy: yeah

[7:48:49 PM] Sweepy: heaviest fudgeing crow in the world

[7:49:01 PM] Sweepy: with the density of a diamond. lol

[7:49:08 PM] Dylan: she just expand her mass so that she is lighter than air?

[7:49:09 PM] Sweepy: actually that might make a cool weapon

[7:49:15 PM] Dylan: and then

[7:49:20 PM] Dylan: she floats away

[7:49:29 PM] Sweepy: yeah, that would work better than being a tiny crow

[7:49:34 PM] Dylan: wait

[7:49:40 PM] Sweepy: she could be an enormous crow

[7:49:42 PM] Dylan: say she turned into a baloon

[7:49:47 PM] Dylan: balloon

[7:49:59 PM] Dylan: but made it so that there was a vacumm inside

[7:50:09 PM] Dylan: would that help her float?

[7:50:17 PM] Sweepy: a vacuum inside how?

[7:50:30 PM] Dylan: like say she made herself a flat balloon

[7:50:53 PM] Dylan: but made the ousides rigid so that it would made a vaccum of space inside

[7:51:08 PM] Sweepy: i don't think so

[7:51:19 PM] Sweepy: it would be like having a big paper mache balloon

[7:51:28 PM] Sweepy: maybe if she got someone to light a fire underneath her

[7:51:49 PM] Dylan: well

[7:51:58 PM] Dylan: say i have a material that is very light

[7:52:02 PM] Dylan: but very strong

[7:52:34 PM] Dylan: and

[7:52:43 PM] Dylan: i made a sphere

[7:52:49 PM] Dylan: and pumped all the air out

[7:52:56 PM] Dylan: and made another sphere

[7:53:01 PM] Dylan: but left the air in

[7:53:13 PM] Dylan: and i placed them on water

[7:53:36 PM] Sweepy: and then?

[7:53:49 PM] Dylan: would one be more or less boyant?

[7:54:02 PM] Dylan: boyancy depends on space taken up and weight right?

[7:54:24 PM] Sweepy: they're on water and one is filled with air. unless you're planning on filling one mystique balloon with helium or something it's not an accurate comparison

[7:55:38 PM] Sweepy: and buoyancy is only for fluids

[7:56:08 PM] Dylan: A vacuum can have volume but does not have mass, and so, it would seem, a balloon with a vacuum inside should be lifted by the buoyancy of the air around it. This doesn't work, however, because of the force of surrounding air pressure. Air pressure doesn't crush an inflated balloon, because the air inside the balloon pushes out with the same force as the outside air pushing in. A vacuum, on the other hand, doesn't have any outward pressure, since it has no particles bouncing against anything. Without equal pressure balancing it out, the outside air pressure will easily crush the balloon. And any container strong enough to hold up to the air pressure at the earth's surface will be much too heavy to be lifted by the buoyant force.

[7:56:24 PM] Dylan: so it would have to be a magic material

[7:56:34 PM] Dylan: that had no weight?

[7:56:43 PM] Sweepy: yeah

[7:56:53 PM] Sweepy: i think that no matter what, mystique couldn't transform into things that weren't alive

[7:56:59 PM] Sweepy: so she couldn't transform into idk... a rock

[7:57:07 PM] Sweepy: or a plasma gun

[7:57:08 PM] Dylan: oh

[7:57:09 PM] Dylan: :D

[7:57:10 PM] Sweepy: that would be hilarious, though

[7:57:29 PM] Sweepy: mystique turns into a laser gun and sabertooth uses her to shoot everyone

[7:57:34 PM] Sweepy: and she's like PEW PEW MOTHAfudgeAS

[7:58:37 PM] Sweepy: i'm thinking, though, that mystique turns herself into a gigantic flying squirrel

[7:58:52 PM] Sweepy: so even if her strength is proportional to her mass, it doesnt' matter if she's strong

[7:59:01 PM] Sweepy: and then she glides off a cliff or something

[7:59:12 PM] Sweepy: then she's above something and turns herself into a shrew

[7:59:17 PM] Sweepy: falls down soo fast, like a bullet

[7:59:42 PM] Sweepy: and because she's so dense she can't really get hurt

[8:00:21 PM] Dylan: lolz

[8:00:29 PM] Dylan: well she makes clothes right

[8:00:32 PM] Dylan: when she shifts

[8:00:44 PM] Sweepy: i dunno

[8:00:56 PM] Sweepy: maybe they're actually a part of her flesh

[8:00:59 PM] Sweepy: that would be really cool and gross

[8:01:01 PM] Sweepy: ahaha

[8:01:07 PM] Sweepy: imma go check xmen wiki

[8:02:42 PM] Sweepy: Metamorphic Adaptation: After her enhancement Mystique has shown the ability to adapt her body depending on her situation at the time. She was able to adapt her body in order to camouflage according to her surroundings, shift her organs into her lower extremities, heal from numerous bullet wounds in at least a few minutes, and mimic the textures of metals (when she took on the form of Magneto and his helmet). She also clearly stated that she is always naked and she merely makes her skin look and feel like other materials to fool others.

[8:02:43 PM] Sweepy: ewwwwwwww

[8:02:45 PM] Sweepy: it is her skin! lol

[8:02:58 PM] Sweepy: lol!

[8:03:01 PM] Dylan: yeah

[8:03:04 PM] Sweepy: that's got so much perv potential

[8:03:06 PM] Dylan: so if she can make flaps

[8:03:13 PM] Dylan: she can make a hang gliding thing

[8:03:19 PM] Dylan: so a gliding suit flaps

[8:03:23 PM] Dylan: like in that video

[8:04:18 PM] Sweepy: yeah

[8:04:48 PM] Sweepy: lol. imagine going on the skytrain and sitting beside a hot person

[8:04:52 PM] Sweepy: ooo, my clothes are touching you

[8:04:55 PM] Sweepy: ooooOOOooo

[8:05:08 PM] Sweepy: now i can't get that out of my heqad

[8:05:09 PM] Sweepy: head

[8:05:31 PM] Dylan: lolz

[8:05:50 PM] Dylan: i guess they could get some clothes

[8:05:53 PM] Dylan: and not be a fool

[8:06:05 PM] Dylan: but i guess she never undresses infront of you

[8:06:08 PM] Sweepy: where's the fun in that, though?

[8:06:11 PM] Dylan: because she can't take her clothes off

[8:06:17 PM] Sweepy: well maybe she can, but it hurts?

[8:06:30 PM] Sweepy: and then it's all bloody underneath

[8:06:30 PM] Sweepy: lol

[8:07:08 PM] Sweepy: so it says mystique can regenerate her wounds by remorphing them

[8:07:19 PM] Sweepy: so what if someone cuts off one of her arms or legs?

[8:07:27 PM] Sweepy: does she just become her, but smaller?

[8:07:35 PM] Sweepy: or could she.. idk, eat her arm or leg and them remorph back properly?

[8:08:25 PM] Sweepy: Veteran X-Men writer Chris Claremont has stated in interviews that he originally intended for Mystique and Destiny to be Nightcrawler's biological parents (Mystique having morphed into a man for the conception), but Marvel nixed the idea for being too controversial, due to it being a point in time where writers were prevented from having a character be gay or bisexual.

[8:08:37 PM] Sweepy: that's kinda weird. you'd think that nightcrawler would be a girl

[8:08:51 PM] Dylan: why?

[8:09:05 PM] Sweepy: because mystique is a girl and destiny's a girl

[8:09:09 PM] Sweepy: there's not a y chromosome between 'em

[8:09:19 PM] Sweepy: maybe mystique can change that, though?

[8:09:33 PM] Sweepy: but then why would nightcrawler look like that if she did?

[8:10:33 PM] Sweepy: i read about this shapeshifter who could change her sex

[8:10:42 PM] Sweepy: and then whenever she changed into a guy and fathered children, they were always girls

[8:13:02 PM] Dylan: oh

[8:13:03 PM] Dylan: ahha

[8:15:44 PM] Dylan: hmm

[8:15:46 PM] Dylan: well i guess

[8:15:55 PM] Dylan: if you can shape shift

[8:15:58 PM] Dylan: all bets are off?

[8:16:04 PM] Sweepy: works for me. lol

[8:16:10 PM] Dylan: well

[8:16:19 PM] Dylan: if she's able to change her cells on the genetic level

[8:16:30 PM] Dylan: that means she should excrete crazy protiens and stuff

[8:16:43 PM] Sweepy: maybe she just vomits them up as like a ball of...

[8:16:45 PM] Sweepy: stuff?

[8:16:55 PM] Sweepy: or maybe she keeps them and eats them later when she has to change back

[8:16:57 PM] Dylan: or like out of a gland

[8:17:05 PM] Sweepy: i guess she could *make* herself a gland

[8:17:11 PM] Dylan: yeah

[8:17:19 PM] Dylan: convert sweat glands

[8:17:21 PM] Sweepy: seems easier to just poop them out, though

[8:19:49 PM] Sweepy: wait, why am i talking about coprophilia again?


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