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I'm back early! Thanks to a couple things.


So much has happened for me lately, and I'm a bit of a mess right now. College started off badly; I ended up in a lot of classes I didn't belong in, and switching halfway through the semester is/was way too much work for me to catch up with to my normal level (why it took so long to switch is another story). Either way, I'm pulling that bit together.


Aside from that, I've been keeping up with a lot of the things I used to be a part of; like kendo, music, etc... which has been eating up a lot of my time.


Anyway, I'm back on Sal's before winter break because of what happened earlier tonight.


[rant mode]


I was a part of the theater club at my school, and they do shows a semester - one musical, one a regular play. They needed a percussionist for their musical this semester, and I volunteered; I had a full drum kit handy, etc. It started off with me being a nightmare in terms of ability; theater music is so far outside of my comfort zone, and I'd never previously dealt with sheet music for drums in the 4+ years I've been playing. That was about 4 weeks ago. Since then, I've been busting my tushie to get things together for the actual performances. I listened to the recordings so much that all 43 of the pieces are stuck in my head. And when it came time for the performances, I was ready. And, of the 43 pieces, 2 hour show, etc... I only really had 4 or 5 minor screw-ups per performance; not bad, really. Anyhow, earlier today, after the 3rd showing (the matinee), I got invited to the party afterwards for everyone involved in putting the show together. I was pretty excited, after all I was the new guy who had yet to really know anyone in the club. Well, after the final performance, we took everything from the show apart, and I got my drums back to my place, and showed up back at the auditorium, waiting for the part where everyone got together to head off to the afterparty. And, as I was waiting, my conductor came up to me and said that one of the people running the show wanted me out of there; that I had to leave.


Now, I have three major issues with this. First, I respect my conductor greatly; he helped me get things together, worked with me on a lot of it, and was really easy to follow for all of the shows, making it a lot harder for me to mess up. He also has respect for me, seeing how I went from being a hopeless nightmare to a solid performer. The issue is, it really wasn't fair to my conductor to have to be the one to tell me to screw off, in so many ways.

Second is that whoever it was that had an issue with me couldn't make themselves known and tell me themselves. I don't know why, but they really had their panties in a bunch over something. It's also a bit of an issue that it was really unclear why he/she wanted me out of there. There was no real reason given to it, other than "attitude problems"... something I really don't get, because I've been trying my best to make friends with people; that's part of the reason I joined up in the first place.

Third, and most frustrating, is the fact that I busted my tushie for 4 weeks, spending a good few hours a day, in order to be performance-worthy. If I hadn't stepped up for it, there wouldn't have been a percussion part to this musical; a problem, because a lot of the songs were really based on my parts. I put in a ton of work to making things sound great, and all I get at the end is a nice big "screw you". Even more of a slap in the face because of the speeches given beforehand, about how "everyone new should stay with the club because of how supportive and family-like everyone is with each other", and all that sentimental garbage they don't really follow up with.


So, now here I am, without any real big time commitments anymore. I feel like I just wasted a month T__T

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