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No Girl Entry For A While, May As Well Oblige!

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Life is weird. That's one thing.


It's going.... well... at the moment. I guess you can all see as I've been on here less. I use this blog mostly as a rant/problem page, and don't really post positive feelings. Other than the previous blog. Today is a bit of both.


As I've mentioned before, there's a 'new' (she's been at my school for three months now) girl at my school, and it turns out she lives down my road. And we have similar interests. And she finds me funny. And she's attractive. And so am I.


Of course, I'm usually wary of this sort of shizzle, because it's engrained into my nature. One of my friends is close to both of us, so I mentioned the fact I liked her a little bit, and asked him to keep an eye out just if she said anything. I don't want to cause any further embarrassment or pain, really, so since I 100% trust him (apart from with my shoes), then I decided I'd go with his outcome.


The outcome was that she had only recently split up with her (long-term) boyfriend. When I say recently, it was a few months back, so I'm not really sure whether it's worth giving it a chance or not.


I usually come down on the side of 'not' (or giving it a few months and judging it then, which is probably the most sensible way to do it), but heh. As I tend to overanalyse (and then forget what I analysed), I've noticed a few signs in the past few days. For one, she always seems to be looking in my general direction when we're sat not so close to each other. Taking that with a pinch of salt, however, she may be looking at one of my friends.


Secondly, a few times when I've been talking to her with another friend, she tends to look at me more, even if I'm not talking. I'll take that with a pinch of salt just for the sake of it.


Thirdly (and possibly most/least importantly), she keeps 'liking' a lot of the shizzle I put on Facebook. One status was about how someone thought they were Jaws when they were just a dickhead on a bike (usually only something a hardcore fan (*see: close friend) of mine would like). Also, today I was having a trollfest on a friend's status with someone, which led to them saying that "Being big headed won't get you a girlfriend, Conor! HAHAHAH LOLLOLOLOlllllllllllll!!!!". I replied "Who said I want one?" followed up swiftly with "(but it must be said, ladies, I am indeed single", which she liked. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?


Salt is needed. Salt levels have decreased. argh.


Wait? I said I would be negative? Oh. Things are going along swimmingly. I'm making the step up to A level well (getting high As in History + German tests as we go along, Bs in English as it stands, and.... well. An E in Maths, which is the only exam I have in January).


So no. No negativity here. Just a bit of advice needed. Do I need salt or not? Do I ask out? If so, what for? I've not spoken to her very much at all (literally just as parts of conversations with mutual friends for 3 months) so I don't want to be forced/unnatural.



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Meet up at the park. Hang out. Gently "accidently" thrust your elbow into hers and don't pull away. figure out what you'd do in any situation of her response.

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Meet up at the park. Hang out. Gently "accidently" thrust your elbow into hers and don't pull away. figure out what you'd do in any situation of her response.

What are you 7 years old?


Just talk to her about it! Say you'd like to get to know her better. Ask her if you'd like to hang out some time. It's tough, I know, but I have a feeling she'll respect you (and be more interested in you) more than pulling those childish kinda things Mr Fang suggested.

I was probably going to use Slei's advice anyway :P I hit elbows accidentally with a lot of people and it's never struck up a relationship as a result :aware:

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