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What Is This

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Write German essay while maniacally tired


Wake up to find it's bloody great


Only one more essay to go until Sunday is free of work!*


*see: actually I have 14 maths questions to do but FUDGE OFF


Sidenote: WHY DOES MY KEYBOARD NOT HAVE UMLAUTS ON IT? (screw the fact I'm british, I want umlauts nice doggy!)

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pro tip: make sure your language settings are set to german and it will add all those sign auto to the letters

I do the same for french :P

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If I change my language setting though, I'll have to get used to swapping around y and z which I am not prepared to do :aware:


Might just have to learn the alt codes

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I dunno if your Word works the same way, but when I took German I did:


Ctrl+shift+:+u for upper case


if you want lower case, let go of shift in between the : and the u


You can do other weird characters like the a with the circle, the spanish nnye, accent marks n such

Cheers for the tip :D I'll definitely try it :D

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