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A Bit Of A Warning

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Amber Pyre


When you log onto my server, you may get kicked out for a "generic.Reason"


I don't know what causes this, other than "the server is overloaded?"


I've noticed that with a Bukkit starter this occurs less often (only when the computer goes to sleep) so when we get Bukkit it should be much more stable. Also, I will let you know when I'm about to let the computer fall asleep (as in leave for a meal or something of the sort, for long enough that the computer would fall asleep.) as a warning to finish up what you're doing and not fumble around in dark caves.



I'd also like to say that, while Tandem Villam is over a stronghold, it is NOT ALLOWED to mine for it. I will personally do that when the village is finished. Then there will be a raid on the End. This will likely be on a November 18th or May 10th to correspond with Minecraft's birthdays.

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