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I can't look at the world anymore and see how a God could exist. The suggestion doesn't make any sense to me anymore, although I do understand its continued importance to society and how much it has done for some people. I don't claim to know that God doesn't exist, but I personally cannot rationalize it. If you accept that a God could simply have always been created, then why couldn't the universe (or multiverse for that matter) have simply filled that role itself, without any God to have created it? I'm not even talking about the Christian God with all its notions of Heaven and Hell: THAT just seems cartoony to me.


I'm simply posting (a bit incoherently) what I believe, and I'm not going to get into any debates on this simply because the notion of debating religion and god is incredibly silly. Views on religion and the afterlife are intensely personal and not something that impacts anyone's lives other than your own. I'm not even saying this doesn't make for a debate because it's impossible to ever reach a conclusion: I'm saying the debate should never be brought up in the first place because it isn't something you should debate period.

wow Adam makes really thoughtful and well-reasoned posts the staff should really think about making him dm! Plus he's a pretty cool guy and no one could ever say anything like "Wow--Adam is a huge dick and shouldn't be DM (p.s. dsz sucks)"!

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/extract is abused these days :closedeyes:.

anything for blog comments. :glasses:

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