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Fudgeing Love It

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when flatmates throw fits of rage because they're shizzle at holding their drink and as a result feel the need to inflict internal pain to the external surroundings, breaking my shizzle all the time. Especially when they've already been to an official University hearing from smashing a door in last time they decided to be a complete dick and break everything. Next time the guy decides to be ultimate dick i'm just gonna report them to the Uni and get them chucked out, he's already been told that if he does anything like it again he'll be out.


And I know that most of the rest of my flatmates will hate me for it because despite the fact that he's the biggest dick in the world every time he gets drunk (which is pretty much every night), most of them seem to be able to look past this. Probably because it's mostly not their shizzle that gets broke. But I don't care. They can suck on my super-erect schlong.



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Just out of curiosity, why is your schlong super-erect? I didn't think it would be in the situation you described :s.

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can you keep your stuff away from them? That's what I ended up having to do. Everything is in my room because I know my roommate won't take care of it or replace it.

As if you could be bothered to do that lol


My flatmates always use my kitchen stuff and when i come to use it, i have to wash it first :(

gudcrack tho m8

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