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Wtf Happened To My Reach?

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Game 1:

>Start assassinating someone

>They get out of it and melee me, resulting in my death


Game 2:

>Get shot by a rocket, person who did it was point blank.

>They walk out with their shields still up, wtf


Game 3:

>I voted for Team Slayer on Timberland

>Everyone else votes Oddball on some lame level.


Game 4:*

>Private, and two Recruits on my team.

>They have all max ranks on their team, or near max ranks.


Game 5:

>I start shooting someone with a DMR from medium range.

>Even though I had the drop and first shot on him, he kills me with a pistol.

>I never missed a shot


This was all in a row, and other random crap like this has been happening to me all day.


What happened? When did this game get so lame? I remember the first few weeks of Halo: Reach. Games were fun, people actually picked FUN gametypes and people who were with you were all on a similar skill level. When I see Hero, Forerunner, and two Reclaimers when my team is far below my rank... why? Just serious why.


I'm selling this game back to GameStop. Rant over.


*This is not new to me. My normal online experience is "Okay my team is pure shizzle, I'm probably going to have to do all the work again" for any game.

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