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Life's Confusing

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....which makes it interesting.


I've been ill and run-down for a week or so now, and my head's running at a slower pace. That means if I make a gaffe (which I often do), it's harder to come back.


Such as calling my friend a Jew in front of a girl I'm trying to *ahem* befriend. It's an ongoing joke between me and him (and the rest of our mutual friends). It started when he accidentally said he's Jewish, and then we noticed he had a Jewfro and quite a large nose, so we pretended he was one. 10 months down the line and it's not stopped, partly because it still leads to hysterically funny moments. That aren't that funny, when I come to think of it.


But alas, today I made the gaffe of saying it really loud in front of the girl I was trying to *ahem* befriend. Usually he'll brush it off, but today he took it a bit further and I looked like a coochie (because I was being one), whereas normally he'd just laugh and it'd be seen as an inside joke (which it also is). So I don't know the situation with the girl. But that's what makes life INTERESTING!


Might just try to *ahem* befriend another girl. Preferably one who thinks I'm funny - although most people seem to think I'm funny now, so it's a wide pool of selection, closed only by the fact I'm also a dick.


Ah well. Maths test next month, and it's the only subject I'm struggling in. In History, in English and in German I'm pulling off A grades with less effort than 'Not very well' in Maths. Well, I got an A in one paper, but it was for Statistics, and I'm sitting Core in January. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizzle.


Oh, and there is a girl who might want to *ahem* befriend me, and I'd definitely *ahem* befriend her back. Just a bit confusing really. INTERESTING LIFE BLAH BLAH BLAH.


This blog has been me repeating a few phrases over and over. Hope you liked it.

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