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Two Facts You Didn't Know About Me.

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Here in the UK there is a massive love of the show Top Gear. The three presenters are held in very high regard, particularly their leader Jeremy Clarkson. You won't struggle to find "Clarkson for Prime Minister" or "Clarkson's Always Right" smeared across people's social networking profiles or stickered on the rear window of their car. His politically incorrect, offensive opinions bring a smile to faces all across the UK and to many he is the voice of a generation.


I hate Top Gear and I hate Jeremy Clarkson. Whether or not his politically incorrect, offensive opinions are held because they create a lovable persona that we all love to cringe to and that represent what we know we shouldn't say, or whether they're actual genuine opinions he holds (in which case he is one of the worst human beings in the country), it must be acknowledged that many thousands, if not millions, of Top Gear fans take them to be the latter. Furthermore, these fans take to holding these views themselves. So everytime Jeremy Clarkson makes jokes about homosexuality, homelessness, terminal illness, foreigners, asylum seekers, strikers, et cetera these people are investing an acceptance for the validity of a certain point of view. And this is one of the very, very many things that disdains me about the country I live in.


Regardless of all this, I happen to thoroughly enjoy the work of stand-up comic Stewart Lee. And regardless of the fact that he is a left-wing, politically correct liberal, he is a very funny guy who makes me laugh. Now to see something that features both Stewart Lee making me laugh and some kind of logical tirade against the sanctity of Top Gear is clearly something I'm going to love. WELL IT JUST SO HAPPENS THAT SOMETHING EXISTS.


Find here a link to a video of Stewart Lee on Top Gear.


I think this video is great and I've been making all my friends watch it, regardless of whether they are fans of Top Gear or not. And furthermore, whether they are Top Gear fans, they've all found it to be very funny, at least to a certain extent. But the reason I love Stewart Lee (and likewise for my all time favourtie Bill Hicks) is because his comedy does have an agenda. That's why I never feel fulfilled by Michael McIntyre or any of those guys, there's a substance that seems left out, some kind of humanity. Anyway, feel free to watch the video. I feel Stewart Lee is one of the most underrated stand-ups working in the UK today.


In conclusion;


1. I hate Top Gear.

2. I thoroughly enjoy the work of Stewart Lee.


There's two facts you didn't know about me but you now do.

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I don't hate Jeremy Clarkson or Topgear and here are the reasons why.


Jeremy is firmly using his power of publicity. All publicity is good publicity. By being 'offensive' all he is really doing is getting his name out in the public. The more people who are watching him, the more money he can make. The people who play up to this are actually the people who are giving him more of a platform to stand on. I guarantee he wanted complaints. It's just the way the world works. Quite a lot of the 'celebrity world' in britain are trying to shock us. Money, money, money. Free advertising!


Top gear is a car show, barely. I don't hate it but I don't like it. It's all to do with the personality of the presenters. You know what you are getting. Which is the appeal for a lot of people I guess. There is a reason people like Simon Cowell, Jeremy Clarkson, Russel Brand, Frankie Boyle and countless others all get a name for themselves. In fact, Frankie Cocozza didn't hit headlines for no reason :P. I think you've just got to take the celebrity world with a pinch of salt.


The fun thing about this is that even talking about Jeremy Clarkson here is adding to his platform :P.

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I appreciate that Jeremy Clarkson probably knows exactly what he's doing and no doubt he doesn't hold many of the opinions he radiates. The only problem is that many Top Gear fans do have those opinions and they are often fortified massively by it shows akin. Essentially; it's not Jeremy Clarkson that's made me hate Jeremy Clarkson, it's his fans.


But anyway, the reason I wrote the blog in the first place was because I thought it was an excellent turn from Stewart Lee. ;)

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