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Last Week!

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Last week of the 2011 schooling calendar. WOO! Only two full days left, and a few lessons on Friday, until I am let loose for about 2/3 weeks. I mean, I'll have loads of maths revision to do over the holidays, probably an hour a day is the minimum that'll cut the cheese, but I need to do it, and heck - 23 hours to do whatever is a lot more than I have normally.


Christmas is slowly falling into place; presents are beginning to arrive underneath our shiny plant of Christmas, the house smells of Christmas, everything's all very clean, and Christmas food has eked its way into the 'larder'. When I say 'larder', I mean a shelf we have in the cold bit of the kitchen.


I am actually feeling quite Christmassy (in stark contrast to the last few years), probably because it'll be nice to have a break after a year of incredibly hard work (and a lot of relaxing, it must be said). 2011 has seen me end my GCSEs and start my A levels. I've been working hard for both, and I'm glad that my grades are really good at the moment, despite acting the same really - just doing a bit more work. I still goof around with my friends, make jokes about the subject, go off topic and spend far too much time on the internet, but I'm achieving A grades in mock papers (other than Maths where I got a D, which I'm working on. To be fair to myself it was one of the highest in my class <_<).


Obviously the time off will be nice, though. I've already received £60 from my Grandparents (collectively), and I've bought a lovely pair of leather converse boot type things which I'll be allowed to wear at Christmas, which I'm looking forward to. I'll have more time for Skyrim!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH! And a lot of time with my family, which will be nice. Not the extended family (who needs uncles and shizzle like that?), but my close family are cool.


Won't mention girls in this one but I might actually ask one of that gender out (hopefully).

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