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Today I took the written portion of my EMS test. Never before have I been so nervous about my test results. Needed a 70% at the minimum to pass the First Responder portion, got 93%. Needed 80% minimum for the CPR section, got 80%. :unsure: If I missed either of those I would have wasted my entire semester. So yeah, I passed all of those, but what's worse is that there were only 25 questions total for the CPR and I got the maximum of five wrong - three of those I had gone against my gut feeling, one I picked because that's how we were taught in class (AED: attach pads, turn on), and the last was one I still disagree with. Hopefully the practicals go smoother on Thursday. <_<


Concerning hand placement on the breastbone for compressions, do you pick top, center, or bottom?

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