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Le Sigh

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>Go out for once to meet new people

>Meet a really beautiful girl who is Japanese and speaks it. XBOX HUEG AWESOME FOR ME (should be obvious why)

>We hang out all day

>We hang out all the next day

>We don't even bang/sex it up

>We have a lot in common, sex doesn't matter.

>I tell her I think she's cool and we should date

>She tells me she's going back to Japan in 2 days.

>Le sigh.


Damn you world! I'll get you next time~!

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>Go out for once to meet new people

>White Texas Girls Everywhere

>Occasional Asian girl who has a crowd of men following her already.

>Give up and play vidya.

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>be asian

>live in new york

>asian girls everywhere



Isn't Cali the same? :P

Yes but... not in my town. Boo.



>implying that Mr. Carter doesn't know I'm from Japan

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