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Rest In Peace

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Today my dog, Cromwell, died at the age of 4. He had intestinal cancer that spread to the lymph node, and so it was inoperable.


He was always such a happy dog, and even yesterday when we took him to the vet he was jumping around and happy. He had been having diarrhoea, and so he had an x ray and they found a growth around his liver/lymph node and weren't sure of what it was. They operated this morning after my parents went in to check on him (see how he was feeling). He looked a lot better, apparently, so we all had a sense of hope which ultimately turned out to be false.


It's utterly devastating. Cromwell has always been my favourite of our dogs and I love to lye around the house stroking him or playing games. He always seemed so fit and healthy so this has come as a shock to us. Especially as the cancer had spread to a very late stage, which means he must have been in some discomfort for a while and hadn't shown us.


Rest in peace, boy. I love you, and I'll never forget you, no matter what.



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Sorry for you're loss :/ I know what its like to lose a pet to early to cancer :)

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